Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeding time

Bananas strait up are not a hit. I don't know if it is their "silky" texture (as I tell Elle) or their "pleasant" aroma, but they make her do a funny little gag. So we don't eat them neat anymore. She likes them cut with veggies so we will try that more often.

Elle is onto 2 feedings a day for the last 5 days. That has increased her food filled poops to 2 a day also. Yummy. You really don't think about how useful water in a toilet is in covering the aroma of poop until you are changing food filled diapers.

Like Mr. Bishop says, it was gross until it is your kid...then you just do it.

Last night Elle had a potato for the first time. I got little white potatoes and she had potato and carrot for dinner. They were a big hit swirled together...the potato must have been a little bland on its own because it was decidedly less popular than the carrots.

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