Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daddy Time

Mr. Bishop experienced a 'major fecal incident' last night (his words, not mine). Elle poops regularly now, every 24 hours...usually at about 9 am. Mr. Bishop usually is not home for the festivities. She went a whole 36 hours last night which created a bit of a back up. As he was playing with her she had a good blowout doody. He had to do double tub water. He was also impressed with how noticeable the aroma of veggies was! He didn't think she ate that much.

At the doctor yesterday we got approved to introduce a massive list of veggies and fruits and even meat. I can't wait. We are also going to start doing two meals a day, breakfast and dinner. Our pediatrician said at 6 months we should be comfortable introducing a huge list of food. She saved a list of "other" items for 9 plus months...that is where all the treats are!

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