Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More peas please

Elle is eating peas! Since my return from the hospital we have added peas. She enjoys sweet potatoes, carrots, avocados and peas. Yum!

When I got back from the hospital I came home to a cling on baby like I never imagined. She nursed non stop for the first few days I was home. I think part of it was growth spurt and part of it was just good will nursing on my part. Bottles are good but boobas are better in Elle's world.

My supply was hurt by the surgery and hospital stay. I pumped constantly. If I was not sleeping, I was pumping. I had to dump most of it due to morphine (I had no choice) and unsanitary conditions. So I pumped and I dumped. I had a stock of frozen milk at the house that can last about 10 days of normal consumption. That has dwindled now. I don't think I can re build it and I think we are going to go to one formula feeding a night right before bed. Since I left, my good sleeper now gets up a couple times to eat. That is really hard on me right now. And really hard on whoever is taking care of me and her because I cant lift her. So to feed her, I need a lifter to place her in my lap and then change her diaper.

We are still doing one solid food feeding at dinner time. At her six month check up I will ask about introducing a morning feeding also.

She is a happy kid. The last week really threw off her schedule. I am trying not to show her any of my pain. I am trying to only be around her when I can keep a big smile and feel good.

My family is each taking a week off of work to come stay with me. That gives me 4 weeks of lifter coverage. My aunts covered the days until my mom could get here. The doctors are saying I need 6 weeks before I can pick her up. If I can make it to 4 without dieing of heart break, we will be in good shape.

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