Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Broken Pampers

I got another broken Pampers Baby Dry Diaper today...Emailed them again. I am not thrilled. Huggies are on sale at Costco and my cousin said she is trying Luvs and they are doing just fine. Not going to pay Pampers prices any more at this rate....


  1. UGH!!! Having issues with diapers is NO fun! We tried every kind out there and ALWAYS went back to Huggies. I'd try something cheaper or greener etc... And we would always have issues. Most of the issues were with leaking but a few of them were the same issues you are having with the tabs just ripping off. We wasted so much money trying other diapers. There is nothing worse than poop spilling out the side while you are out and about. Good luck finding the right one!
    Oh and I'm a Costco fanatic by the way. In regards to your other post about formula... When Olivia was about 6 months old we switched to the Kirkland brand formula which is a HUGE money saver for formula fed babies. I compared all the ingredients with what we were using (Enfamil DHA - that's all I can remember now) and it was exactly the same and Olivia tolerated it wonderfully.

  2. Awesome!!! I ONLY use Kirkland wipes now...they are way cheaper and soooo plush!

  3. I used Luvs on Andrew. I found that these worked the best for us. I would either have problems with the filling in the diaper leaking out (even after just one pee) or he would break out in a rash with any of the other brands of diapers out there. Pampers he could tolerate fairly well, but Luvs I had no rash issues and no other issues either. Plus they were priced well. (This was 6.5 years ago, I don't know how much they cost now)