Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rattle Review: Sassy suction cup rattles

Even though Elle is only a little tot, I like to put her in her high chair (Chicco) and talk to her while I am cooking. (Of course she is a safe distance from the stove, microwave and any knives.)

For a while she was content to just stare at me or nap, but she is growing up and wants a little more action.

We went to Babies R Us to find some suction cup rattles. We tried Target first, but there was nothing at all at our Target. There is a wide variety on the internet, but here are the 2 we are trying out.

Sassy Harmonization Fascination Station Suction Toy
Ok, Elle loves this thing. It has bright colors; it is easy for her to make it move and spin. It ‘sings’ a crazy annoying song that makes her laugh. Elle gives it 4 stars. I give it 2 because the above mentioned crazy annoying music is a bit much for me in the kitchen. If she was playing with this in a room away from me, it would earn the full 4 stars.

Sassy Illumination Station Suction Toy
This is the clear winner in the suction toy competition! It has all the bright colors and activities of the “Harmonization” above, but instead of the annoying music it has a flashing light ball. The light is not just an adequate entertainment substitution for noise, but preferred by Miss Elle, and she is quite discerning. Four stars all around!

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