Thursday, February 25, 2010

Safety a close second!

My grandma likes to tell me stories about throwing her first four kids in the back of the convertible and driving to the beach with the three oldest standing on the back seat to look around and the fourth laying on the seat. When my husband was a baby he had a type of car bed the top of his carriage, no three point harness included. Now Elle rides in a virtual fortress. Her car seat is super safe, clicks into the car or stroller in a travel system and even has a fuzzy shower cap that goes over the top to protect her from the elements.

Even though I am not much for style myself, I can't help but get her dolled up and looking good before I go anywhere. I want her to have not only the best safety gear, but the cutest gear too! Elle's dad and I don't always agree on the fashion part...I think he likes me because I am low maintenance and he doesn't want me creating a high maintenance daughter! But really, is a Juicy track suit too much for a 3 month old?...not if she wants to look good! While we are at it, my dogs like to look good too!!!

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