Monday, February 22, 2010

Three month check up

Today we will go for Elle's 3 month check up. She will get her Hib Vaccine and Her PCV7 vaccine. Because Elle is out and about these days, I want to talk to the doctor about getting more than one vaccine at a time as is recommended. She has had no reaction to the last 3, and I don't want to put her at risk of catching something while she is out. We cant stay shut ins forever!

*** Update, she is super cranky and tired, no irritation at injection sites, but not a happy camper.

When I was "interviewing" pediatricians, I told each office that I was crazy. I told them that I was a first time mom and want to not only be told things were ok, but I wanted explanations. That is just how I am. The office we finally decided to bring Elle to said, "That is great!". We met with lots of other doctors and I am sure they were very competent, however I needed to have someone hold my hand a little bit. That is just who I am and I don't want a bad relationship with Elle's doctor! I also told the receptionists that I was a crazy person and they laughed...I wanted to start out on the right foot!

This is the list of crazy questions I will bring with me today (yes, I type them, print them and hand them to the nurse when we get there so the doctor can be ready for my barrage!): ---I put the doctor's answers in bold after the questions!

  1. Is she teething? Can I give her Hyland's? (Love them by the way, thanks to a reader!!!)--- Doc could see the white line where we will see a tooth soon...or sooner or later. Hyland's approved by doc.
  2. She rolled over a few times, now is not interested, is that ok? ---That is fine because she looks good on all the other developmental stuff.
  3. Are her toes weird looking? ---Yes, lots of people have weird looking toes.
  4. Should she be on a vitamin? (I ask this every time) ---She still seems fine without vitamins as long as I am taking the prenatal. Elle gained 2 lbs and 2.5 inches in 5 weeks.
  5. Her ears get dirty and sometimes I grab a "potato" while I am feeding her. Is that ok? Should I be doing anything else? --- Don't do anything else, just make sure you don't push the wax in further. It will fall out if you don't touch it.
  6. When do we start solid food? --- She is doing great on just breast milk, we will discuss at 4 or 5 months.
  7. Sometimes her spit up looks like cottage cheese, is that ok?---Yes, as long as it is not all the time and she is continuing to gain weight.
  8. Can I keep swaddling her or is she too old for that? ---Swaddle as long as she will sleep like that!
I told you I was a crazy woman!!!

Other stuff I asked about as spur of the moment:
  • Her head is not flat on the back, the bald spot is ok. (I call it baby pattern baldness)
  • I still just file her nails because I am terrified to cut them, that is ok too.
  • I showed my Dr. the lump in my breast. She suggested hot showers and massage. It is pretty annoying.

I LOVE my pediatrician.

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  1. YAY!!! Glad your little bundle is doing well!! It is so reassuring to go to their check ups! :o)