Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daddy Bonding Time

Is it possible my 11 week old daughter understands snow day?? She slept in until 6:00 today and still is not up for her regular 8:00 feeding!

Since Elle was born, I pump a bottle for her dad to give her every night. It is a nice bonding time for them that they would not otherwise have because she is “EBF”. For a while I was a real crazy woman about it and I would make him take his shirt off so she would get the benefits of skin to skin. Poor kid got confused with skin to skin vs skin to daddy’s furry chest! It really is the cutest thing ever though.

Dad doing an evening bottle also has huge benefits for me. It gives me a 4 hour stretch during the day that I can go shopping, run errands or just be out of the house and not attached to Elle. I love her to pieces and am so happy I get to spend so much time with her, but it is nice to run around a bit in the afternoons knowing she is well cared for.

A funny thing has happened to my milk supply because of this arrangement. I dramatically over produce in the mornings and NEED to pump. Then, in the late afternoon early evening, my supply seems light. This is a challenge when her dad cant feed her on any given day. That evening feeding is her playful and fussy feeding anyway, combine that with a light supply and I get punched right in the boob every time!

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