Friday, February 12, 2010

I need mom advice: Formula


What formula do you/did you use?

Any convenience tips?

Any funny stories?

Anything I need to know?


  1. we used enfamil, the type for sensative tummies. baby would spit up an entire bottle across the room if we used regular formula.

    I loved using the avent bottle warmer.

    I was super paranoid about germs and bacteria and keeping the bottles and nipples free of contamination. it was hard to stay sane at times.

    There are lots of coupons out there. The pediatricians have tons of samples, i used to get some at every visit.

  2. Enfamil Pro Sobee with Lipil, or Similac Isomil Advance are both great! They're soy-based and easy on the tummy. I suspect that's what Erica is talking about bc we had a big problem with Madeleine puking regular formula up all over the place. So far, so good with George. No puke! It just seems to be easier for them to digest at a young age.

    And be sure to burp her peridically... bottle nipples tend to allow more air than breastfeeding. LOL We use the Gerber bottles with the rubber nipples (not silicone, as they aren't as pliable) because they are nice and soft, and they can later be cut when you introduce rice cereal. We found it easier to just add slits to the nipples so the rice cereal could go through easier, and it was training wheels for the spoon. :) Worked like a charm!!

  3. It took awhile for me to find a formula that Andrew could keep down. At first any formula that we tried worked fine, but within a week or so he would begin puking it all back up again (I'm talking projectile vomiting here). We finally found Similac Isomil and it was great! he could keep it down and there was little to no spit up. I also used the playtex ventair bottles which are specially designed so your baby gets less air. And yes, I agree with Rhiannon...burp often! A tip I was given was to burp every quarter of a bottle (for big feedings) or half bottle (for little feedings). Oh, and always have a receiving blanket thoroughly covering you when you burp :) Happy formula feeding!