Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She smiles at the strangest times

My beautiful daughter shares some of my best traits. She loves to eat. The only thing she loves more is to sleep! Most nights she is ready for her bedtime feeding at 9:50 and is changed and in bed by 10:10. According to the pediatrician, she is an “efficient eater”. If she doesn’t lose her binkey or pee too much in her diaper, she will sleep until about 5:05. (My daughter also loves schedules.)

At 5:05 she wakes up ravenous. She eats like a crazy wild panda, burps like a wild gorilla, submits to a diaper change and likes to be back in bed by 5:25. Our record is 5:20, or a 15 minute feed and change.

These two feedings are not like waking meals. She keeps her eyes mostly closed, as if to tell me that she would not like conversation. Other feedings she chats and smiles, these are pure business. She grabs on and gives a good squeeze to get things going and then doesn’t even look up at me until I make her switch sides. At this point she usually gives me a look of irritation before returning to her focused state.

This morning she had her usual monster burp followed by a pretty gross monster burp/spit up combination. The spit up extended a full 3 feet past my knees on the floor. I showed some concern for her. She in turn gave me an enormous smile. I don’t know how a person smiles after something so gross and bizarre, but she just wanted a clean diaper and back to bed. I complied.

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