Friday, February 26, 2010

Lets talk about bottles

File this subject under too many choices, like most baby products. I use Born Free bottles because when I was researching them I liked the anti colic design and their history with BPA free products. I also read that these bottles were great if I thought I was going to try breastfeeding. So far we are very happy, although there are a lot of pieces to clean. I wish I could pump directly into these bottles instead of using the Medela bottle first, that would make my life a lot easier! So, dear Born Free or Medela...If you read this, make my life easier and give me one less thing to clean, and invent something.

I am going to offer a few links to other bottles that I have never tried and open up the conversation to anyone who wants to share anything about their experience (or their baby's experience) with the bottles. I would love to try other options, but I am not about to go to BRU and buy half a dozen different bottles...

Milk Bank
Avent -- one of my cousins used these, no complaints that I know of.
Dr Brown -- another of my cousins used these, only complaint was that they were hard to clean..
WeilBaby -- These seem new and trendy, clever adds.
Playtex -- these always freaked me out because the liners smell really plastic-y to me.

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