Friday, February 12, 2010

I need mom advice: Teething

I think Elle is starting to head in the direction of getting teeth. I am not saying I see a tooth yet. She has started to drool nonstop. She is a regular drool bucket. Everything is going in her mouth and she is chewing on everything. Her cheeks have turned rosy read and she has been having diarrhea.

Every mom I talk to says that the pediatrician will tell me that rosy cheeks and diarrhea are not a sign of teething, but they are. I have never gone through this before, but I can tell you about 4 days ago the drool started flowing, the cheeks got red and the poop got loose. Her appetite has not changed at all. She has no fever. And the only discomfort she seems to have is soothed by a cold teething ring or any nubby toy in her mouth. Based on my limited experience, I say teething.

This is where I need the help of other moms. Please send me your teething symptoms and what you did to help your little one get through it.


  1. Ahhh teething...Well in my experience you just never know! My first son started drooling like a monster around three months and chewed on EVERYTHING he could get his little hands on. We thought for sure he would be popping a tooth out any day...well he got his first tooth at a year old! Second son got his at 4 months, third baby (daughter) got hers at 6 months and my ,last little monkey has been drooling and chewing forever and has no sign of a tooth and he is 7 motnhs old! I honeslty never really knew any of them were teething when they each got their first tooth. When I thought they were they weren't and when I didn't seem to notice a tooth appears! Now as far as the red cheeks and the red are her cheeks?? Does it look like a rash at all, chapped skin? My first son had this and we always thought it was from the drooling but with our 4th we figured out it was actually from a dairy protein allergy. I cut dairy out of my diet and the red cheeks went away...tried a few cups of milk (for me) and it came back. If he has formula he gets the hypoallergenic. His diarrhea is gone and so are the red cheeks.

  2. I have no answers on the cheeks and diarrhea. Most times the kids had plumbing problems it was either diet or sick.

    Teething - took different times for the teeth to actually pop out. Both of them started stuffing everything in their mouths and gnawing like wood chucks. I think Devon was still in my arms when she grabbed hold of my finger and started grinding away. I think that is the good sign, coming from a dad. Gnawing and chewing on everything - drooling whenever something comes near their mouth. Periodically I rubbed their gums with something in the freezer. It worked great, but don't tell my wife I did that.

  3. mine got her first tooth at 10 1/2 months (which was also when she took her first steps). She was not a fan of the teething rings that go in the freezer.
    I used to take a clean wash cloth, run it under very cold water and she would gnaw on that to sooth her gums, she loved it! she would cry when it got dried out so i would re-wet it and she was happy again.

  4. In my experience, little Elle is on track for teething. Madeleine experienced all of the same symptoms at an early age, too. However, it may be quite some time (read: anywhere from 1 month to many, many more months) before you see little tooth buds pop up. Keep going with items that are teething-appropriate. And we loved Highlands Teething Tablets. All-natural, safe, non-toxic tablets that dissolve instantly in the mouth. You can also dillute them in your fingers with water and rub directly on the gums. They have no effect on the rest of baby's mouth... no numbing, no nasty flavor, just plain ol' relief! You can get them at Wal-Mart, Safeway... pretty much any store. :)

    Oh, and don't be surprised if her teeth play peek-a-boo! They can definitely pop out, back in, and out again before they stay out. Not to worry...

    Good luck!

  5. Andrew loved to chew on a cold can of soda (unopened of course), almost frozen washrags, and of course mommy's finger. When he got older the Gerber bitter biscuits worked well and popsicles. He would also get runny poops and rosy cheeks around the time he was teething. In fact, his 6 year molers are coming in and when it is bothering him his cheeks are red and he has to go poop more often too. So, yeah I think in some kids it is a sign...I mean their bodies are dealing with pain! lol

  6. I got the teething tabs on standby! So much to keep track of! I dont want to run her to the pediatrician every time something new happens, they will think I am crazier than I am.

  7. Her cheeks are only intermittently red, and pink more than red. No rash, no chapping. They just get red for a while and then go back to normal. She has her well visit next week and this is at the top of a loooong list of questions.

  8. I have been following your blog for a few weeks and I feel you are doing a great job. I live in South Bend and my daughter was born on Nov 20th. My daughter is teething too. I don't care what the ped. says.I am connected to my daughter and I know she is teething. I belong to a Mommy and Me class in South Bend. Do you belong to this type of group in your town? I recommend it highly. I learn alot from my new friends and of course my mother and mother-in -law. I need to ask you a question. I am going back to work on March 15th and i am very anxious about leaving my baby at day care. Any advice??? You sound like you are a stay at home mom so you do not have to worry. I have to go to work because I am a single mom. You sound like you have a great husband who feeds her and changes diapers. I wish I had someone to help. Well I have to go now. My mom just came over and I'm going to the gym. I have alot of weight to lose. I hope you don't mind me following your blog.

  9. Hello SouthBend123. Thanks for following! It is great to talk to other moms about what is happening real time, makes me feel a little less crazy.

    I am very lucky to have my husband, he likes being a dad. Our daughter was born the same week as yours. I am not back at work yet, hopefully soon and that will be a real adjustment in my life.

    As you can see the other moms who are posting have done this before! I really love their advice and this is such a good way to get it because it feels non judgmental. We make a lot of tough choices for our kids every day and it is nice to know someone else has done it before and is doing it now!

  10. Kate,

    You are an inspiration to al new moms. I wish I had it all together like you do. You are so lucky that your husband is so helpful. When you go back to work who will watch you baby? Mother? Friend? I have day care arranged and I hear so many horror stories.
    Talk to you soon