Monday, February 22, 2010

Is good customer service dead?

Baby stuff costs a lot of money. There is always an expense pending. Because so many of the standard baby items are expensive, I expect some level of quality and customer service. A couple products lately have really upset me and more upsetting is the poor customer service that I have received when I have complained about the products.

Gerber crib sheets

I got 3 Gerber crib sheets and one Koala crib sheet for Elle’s crib. The Koala and one of the Gerber sheets fit perfectly. Two of the other Gerber sheets did not fit. I found this out one night a couple weeks ago when Elle puked over her dad’s shoulder into the crib, soaking the sheets (and various other items in the room). When I went to change the crib sheet, the brand new and freshly laundered (no I will not put anything on her bed that is not washed) sheet did not fit. I struggled for as long as anyone would at 2:00 am and in the struggle, the sheet ripped. Fine. I tried the other sheet. No fit. I gave up on that one before it ripped. Then I put the third sheet on and it fit fine. What is up with that? They were all purchased the same day and all washed in the same load of laundry.

I emailed Gerber. Four days later I got an email saying that I would get a letter telling me what to do. The letter told me I had to mail back the sheets (postage paid, thank goodness) and then they would find a suitable compensation.

I mailed the sheets the day I got the postage label and am still waiting to hear. It is frustrating because now if we have an incident which soils her sheets…I only have one back up. That is a scary situation!!!

Pampers Baby Dry size 1-2

I buy the big boxes of Pampers at Target. The biggest box that I have seen. There were 258 baby dry diapers in this box in 3 sleeves. Inside one of the sleeves I got 5 busted diapers in a row. When I went to put them on, the right tab kept breaking off. I emailed Pampers 4 days ago and am still waiting for a response. Not only are diapers expensive, but if I have a squirmy, cranky, no pants baby on the changing table the last think I want to be doing is fiddling with diapers.

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