Thursday, February 18, 2010

Share stories, don't compare details!

As a new mom, I am super protective of my Elle. I am also super sensitive thinking that other people think something is wrong with her. It is really hard to hear people say, “she is so little” or “is that all she eats” or “why is she so fussy”.

It breaks my heart thinking there might be something wrong that I don’t see. I feel like people want to help, but really go about it all the wrong way. Every baby (like every person) is different and I wish people wouldn’t compare different people so much.

Look at all the different experiences moms are sharing on this blog. Even 4 kids in the same family do things differently. Remember that moms, trust your gut and talk to your pediatrician. Next time you are tempted to say to another mother, “but my son was much bigger” or “my daughter never cried when we gave her a bath” just remember how hard it is to be a new mom and how scared you were to do the right thing by your kid! When I want advice, I ask for it! I know I need lots of help, so lets share stories…it is much better than comparing the details!


This is a messed up story, and as I was originally posting the above last night, this is what I was thinking about and was scared to write about. I went to a luncheon about two weeks ago; it was Elle’s public (outside the family) debut. One woman was complimenting me on my daughter and how happy she was and then proceeded to launch into a terrible story about some terrible disease (which I will not even name here because it is so freekin’ horrible) that has no symptoms and no cure.

I was like, “WTF LADY?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!” My point with the above sugar coated post, which I tried to dance around, is DON’T SAY HORRIBLE THINGS TO WOMEN WITH SMALL CHILDREN.

Look at this, I have been walking around for two weeks freaking out and pissed off at a lady I barely know. Now I can move on! (It is about 4 am here and it is TIME to move on.) Good night all.


  1. I think this is great advice for everyone! I love the title of the post!

  2. Amen!! The last thing any mom should do is second guess herself or go against her instinct. I remember getting SO much unsolicited advice, that I was often brought to tears with worry and fear that I wasn't doing what was best for Olivia. We worry SO much as it is... If only I could go back in time to when Olivia was a baby and remove my self doubt... life would have been SO much easier and fun and less stressful and easier and fun and less stressful etc. you get my point :o) Yay for being mothers together and supporting each other and not comparing details!