Thursday, February 4, 2010

Developmental Milestones

Elle did not sleep last I did not sleep last night. That means today I am not very witty. She seems ok though, maybe she doesn’t need as much rest as I do. I told her the American Academy of Pediatrics said she needs to more at this stage in her life. She did not listen. Speaking of, this book is awesome. Everything we have encountered in the last 70 days is mentioned in the book. From infant acne and infant milia to poop questions. The book also has nice developmental milestones listed under each age. As kind of a baby record, I write down how many weeks Elle was when she did each activity.

Developmentally, she is doing well on the verbal front. She is ‘talking’ a lot the last few days, and I don’t answer her right away she yells at me. She seems to understand that dialog is back and forth…not a big fan of the monologue. She also talks while she is eating. This leads to some milk leakage, kind of gross but pretty funny!

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